Custom Labeling

Label Development Process

Custom-Pak Products’ customers choose how they want their product labeled.  Whether your labeling needs are simple or complex Custom-Pak Products Stock Labelswe work to accommodate you.  We have in-house graphic design capabilities and our team works with each customer to create a label that best suits their corporate and marketing needs. Every label design goes through a review process for compliance using the Industry Labeling Guidelines, published by The American Coaters Association (ACA formally NPCA).

Customers choose either our Stock Labels or Private Labels.  If the product is used on the assembly line, our economical stock labels are usually a good fit. The stock label is clearly imprinted with the customer’s productCustom-Pak Products Private Labels description, part number, their company name and address on the back panel. Bar codes and other information can also be added. If a customer desires a more proprietary label, our in-house graphic team will work with them to create a private label that will project the unique image your product needs for retail or dealership sales.

Custom-Pak Products Custom Labeling