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You can rest assured that Custom-Pak Products has dedicated personnel that monitors the latest changes in industry regulations, rules, and compliances. As a member of the American Coatings Association, (ACA) we have worked with ACA’s legal staff for more than 20 years to stay ahead of new and changing regulations.

Beyond the OSHA mandated MSDS’s, we offer our customers Environmental Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, Certificates of Analysis and other accurately prepared documents as needed and requested. Custom-Pak Products is able to translate each of these documents from English to Spanish or French upon request.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Custom-Pak’s 16-part MSDS follows the ANSI Z400.1-2004 standard. They are provided to each customer in accordance with the OSHA 1910.1200 requirements. It is Custom-Pak’s policy to provide MSDS information only to our customers.

To obtain a copy of your product’s MSDS email

Environmental Data Sheets (EDS)

Custom-Pak Products has a comprehensive EDS for every product we manufacture and are available to our customers upon request. The EDS includes a variety of product information including VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), MIR (Maximum Incremental Reactivity) and other important statistical information.

To obtain a copy of your product’s EDS email be sure to include EDS in the subject line

Technical Data Sheets

Custom-Pak Products provides Technical Data Sheets on many of their formulation systems, such as, acrylic enamel, lacquer, vinyl-acrylic, silicone-alkyd, etc. The Technical Data Sheets include details on dry time, hardness, adhesion, exterior durability and other important information.

To obtain a copy of a specific Technical Data Sheet email be sure to include Technical Data Sheet in the subject line

Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis can be prepared for any product that Custom-Pak Products manufactures. It includes the detailed data necessary to satisfy ISO requirements.

To obtain a copy of your product’s Certificate of Analysis email be sure to include Certificate of Analysis in the subject line