Paint Pen Exact Match Touch Up Paint


The touch up paint pen is used to repair small nicks and scratches that require pinpoint accuracy. It can be used on the shop floor, resold to dealers and included with finished products enabling end users to cover any blemishes caused by assembly, shipping, handling, or daily use.

Custom-Pak Products Paint PenFeatures

The paint pen contains 1/3 fl. oz. of high performance touch up paint.  It is very portable, easy to store and use.  You simply charge the nib by depressing it until saturated with paint and let the product go to work, touching up any blemish with pinpoint accuracy.  The paint pen applicator nib is designed so that you are able to use the wide angle edge to cover larger blemishes or the narrow angle edge for more precise coverage.

Paint Pen Precise and Wide Edge Applications

Colors, Formulations & Customization

Custom-Pak Products can match most any color.  We stock a huge variety of pigments including fluorescents, metallics, and pearlescents.  More than just matching the color, we choose the resin system to best suit your performance requirements (i.e. dry time, adhesion, UV protection, hardness, flexibility, heat resistance, etc.).  We can also create a custom label with your company logo, barcodes, and other desired information.

Custom-Pak paint pens and color array

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