Exact Match Touch Up Paint

Custom-Pak Products has been manufacturing custom touch up paint since 1972. While we do not claim to have every answer to every application we do claim to have dedicated and experienced employees, proven procedures, quality equipment, and a variety of stocked raw materials to choose from.

Custom-Pak Products’ goal is to accommodate our customer’s needs by producing quality products and providing unparalleled customer service. We primarily package our exact match touch up paint in aerosol spray cans, brush in lid containers, and paint pens.

Aerosol Spray Paint

aerosol spray paint can

Aerosol spray paint is the most widely used touch up paint tool in the world. Aerosol spray paint is safe, portable, easy to use and requires no clean up. Custom-Pak Products offers four standard aerosol container sizes with labeling and packaging options.

Brush In Lid Containers

yellow brush in lid container touch up paint

Touch up paint in brush in lid containers is ideal for the repair of small nicks and scratches to restore the look of the original finish. The convenient size of the brush in lid container makes it easy to store in a toolbox or any other small storage place.

Paint Pens

red, yellow, green touch up paint pensPaint Pens are unique application tools that are ideal for the touch up of scratches and small nicks that require pinpoint accuracy. They’re easy to use and can be applied as a thick or thin line depending upon the rotation of the applicator nib.

Additional Containers

bulk containers used for exact match touch up paint

Custom-Pak Products also offers larger containers of touch up paint packaged in quarts, gallons, 5-gallon pails, and 55 gallon drums. Please contact Custom-Pak Products for more information regarding these packaging options.