Brush In Lid Container Touch Up Paint


Brush in lid container touch up paint is used to repair small nicks and scratches.  They can be used on the shop floor, resold to dealers or included with finished products enabling end users to cover any blemishes caused by assembly, shipping, handling, or everyday use.

Brush in lid containersFeatures

The brush in lid container consists of ½ fl. oz. of high performance exact match touch up paint, a brush wiper insert and two small mixing balls.  The brush wiper insert prevents the product from spilling even when turned upside down.  It also removes excess paint allowing for a smoother and more uniform application.  Each brush in lid container has two small mixing balls which blend the product when shaken.  The convenient size of the brush in lid container makes it easy to store in your toolbox, pocket or any other small storage place.  Our exact match touch up paint in the brush in lid container can last for years when the lid is properly closed.  Although ½ fl. oz. is our most common size, we do offer additional containers from 1 fl. oz. to 4 fl. oz.

Brush In Lid Container Components

Colors, Formulations, & Customization

Custom-Pak Products can match most any color.  We stock a huge variety of pigments including fluorescents, metallics, and pearlescents.  More than just matching the color, we choose the resin system to best match your performance requirements (i.e. dry time, adhesion, UV and chemical resistance, hardness, flexibility, heat resistance, etc.)  We can also create a custom label with your company logo, barcodes, and other desired information.

Brush In Lid Container Application
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