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    Please complete this short form below for each desired color match. Submit a copy, and send it to us with two identical “color standards.” The color standards should be coated pieces that accurately represent the desired color, gloss level, and substrate of your finished product. One color standard is used during the matching process while the other is left untouched and retained for future batch-to-batch comparisons. A member of our staff will contact you once we have received your color standards and completed Sample Request Form.

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    12 oz. Aerosol
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    6 oz. Aerosol
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    Brush-in-Lid Bottle
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    Paint Marking Pen
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    Bare metalPaintedOther

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    No preferenceEnamelLacquer

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    Small 1 inch stacker capLarge double-shelled (DS) capN/A

    Labeling Requirements
    No preference (Custom-Pak stock label)
    * Semi-private label using your company logo
    * Multi-color private label
    * – One-time label development charges will apply

    Special Notes?
    (Provide details about your Sample Request, i.e. performance requirements, VOC issues, etc.)

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