About Custom-Pak Products

“We do what smaller fillers can’t and what larger fillers won’t”

In 1972 we opened the doors of Custom-Pak Products to fill a marketplace need for exact match touch-up paint.  Over the years, we have grown to become a full service provider of exact match touch up paint and small container liquid packaging.  We provide products to a variety of industries, including agricultural and construction equipment, furniture, automotive, transportation, architectural metals, and manufacturers of liquid and powder paints.  Over the years our family owned and operated company has been compared to other companies, some smaller and some larger – but what sets us apart is not just the quality and consistency of our products, but a firm commitment to our customers’ needs and the willingness to go the extra mile.

Many small fillers only possess the capability to simply inject premixed paint through the valve into prefilled aerosol cans.  This method of aerosol packaging can result in a color match but it offers no ability to control coverage, sag resistance and spray performance.  In addition, these coatings are generally not formulated for long term aerosol package stability.   Since Custom-Pak Products is a manufacturer and a filler, we control the quality and performance of our products.  Our formulations use time-tested raw materials and components that are specifically selected for optimal aerosol performance.

Many large fillers are driven by volume and a responsibility to shareholders; they offer fixed product lines and limited flexibility in terms of product customization.  To them a good customer is one with high product volume and limited customer service needs.  At Custom-Pak Products we’re driven by customer satisfaction and a commitment to develop customized products meeting the performance needs of our customers.  We stock an extensive variety of raw materials enabling our lab personnel to meet required specs and formulate complex color matches that others simply cannot achieve.  Many of our customers have touch up paint requirements that go beyond basic computer-matched colors.  For these customers, we have the experience to match the more challenging finishes such as fluorescents, metallics, pearlescents, textured, and multi-colored spatter.


In summary, partnering with Custom-Pak Products ensures that you are working with the industry’s most proficient supplier of high performance exact match touch up paint, in fact we stand on our word!  We take touch up paint to a new and higher standard that others simply cannot achieve.  Custom-Pak Products is large enough to develop complex products but small enough to offer exceptional customer service.  At Custom-Pak Products we take pride in making it easy for you to do business with us.  Give us a call today at 800-657-0847 and let our team go to work for you.